In an era of passion economy, we promote culture, design and art as engines for enriching a quality and valuable brand experience. 

Unicas is a marketing creative agency that deals with productions and consultancy dedicated to realization of passion strategy of leading brands.  

What do we do?

The talent, experience and what we like to do:


Creative & Design

Consultation & Strategy

Who are we?

A group of change agents, curators, designers, artists and content writers who take their fun seriously.


Gretel Scheiner

CEO | Creative management
producer and event organizer A graduate of Shenkar College A graduate of Tel Aviv University in the department of curating. Has international qualifications in event planning and more than a decade of hands-on experience. An autodidact An art buff Passionate about architecture as well as Indian cuisine.
מפיק אירועים

Efi Shimony

project manager | operation manager
A graduate of Shenkar College in the department of visual media. Has an MA in business administration appreciates the little details but can launch big projects An excellent baker Likes to carry out projects in his leisure time. Is addicted to politics and current affairs
כותבת תוכן למותגים

Aima Scheiner

Project manager | Content manager
Content editor in charge of social media has a BA in Humanities from Tel Aviv University has an MA from the University of Leipzig.

Our Values

Beliefs with which we get up in the morning

Out of Mainstream

Thinking out of the box

Game and research

creativity as a way of life

Social outlook

People above all

Deep hard thinking

that induces strategy

Authenticity and integrity

Open dialogue

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