Urban Renewal

Carasso Nadlan and Kidmat Yovel


Aims and strategy

Carasso Nadlan ,in collaboration with Kidmat Yovel, executes dozens of projects of urban renewal. The demolition of the old building can be used on the one hand, to build the trust between the residents and entrepreneurs and on the other hand to do important public relations and marketing work in projects that are in their initial stages. As far as we were concerned, it was important to us to produce a low-key event that is not ostentatious yet dignified that would bolster the confidence of the flat owners about the rest of the way.
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Consulting// Production



Urban Renewal is a long journey, a journey of people for people. The road to the end result is long and challenging and the occasion of signing the contract is significant for the entrepreneurs, but even more so for the residents who stand to get a new and improved property in a modern environment that meets their needs.


The result

Don’t let the official title: “demolition event” mislead you, it is a landmark in the eyes of all the participants. The production of the event included a lot of hugs and smiles. The Secretary of Housing , Ifat Shasha Biton, was present as well as the mayor of Jerusalem: Moshe Leon. The actual event of tearing down the building is the first step of renewal and a sign of blessing and good luck for many families.
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